When do you need a

Veterinary Neurologist?

While, most of the time your pet may never need to see a neurologist. This is always great news. However, there are a few cases that your family pet may need to go see a neurologist. For starters, if you vet recommends that you go see one, you should definitely go. That's how most of the cases will go. Sometimes you may realize your pet is having some type of issues that you think require neurologist. If you think this please keep reading. We'll explain when you need to go see one, so you don't waste your time and money.

If your pet is having some type of seizure. This is typically something easy to spot and most of the time your pet needs to be looked at by a neurologist. They should see one in order to get an MRI and be able to see what exactly causing them. While this can be quite costly, if you live in Houston we can get you great prices just contact us, it is something that is very much needed to get your loved one back to their healthy selves. The good thing is that once diagnosed they can be treated by your vet. This helps cut a lot of unneeded costs.

There are a few other reasons that your pet may have to go see a neurologist. These are things your vet may be able to help with, but if they're not able to they'd recommend a neurologist for you. These being, abnormal behavior, balance problems, vision or hearing disturbances, difficulty walking, or neck/back pain. While we don't want you to immediately think that you're going to have to throw out thousands of dollars because your pet is experiencing any of these. We suggest that if your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms that you should consult with your current vet before going to a neurologist. This is to help you save money and keep your stress levels low because we know it can be very stressful when anything has happened to your pet.


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